Napkin foldings

napkin folding

Bird of paradise napkin

This napkin folding is quite complicated to achieve. But, with the contrast of two colors, the paper towels gives a really nice result. This folding may be put on the plate or in a glass if sufficiently high.

This is a very simple to fold, you just provide either a brass bead or to a small knot that holds the flower a piece of ribbon or raffia. You can submit it flat on the plate or put your folding in a large glass folding down folding in half and then not need small knot. Folding is prettier when it is done with two different colored towels.

Depending on the effect you want, you put your towels into each other or against each other. This napkin folding is very beautiful, it is in itself a table decoration, it is sufficient in itself!

Bird of paradis bird of pardis1