Napkin foldings

napkin folding

Lotus flower napkin

Are you planning a family meal for Father's day or for your grandmother, a napkin folding-shaped lotus flower is highly decorative. You can also put a small round loaf in the center of your napkin folding, that the guests always appreciate a lot.


The napkin folding shaped lily is an easy napkin folding. It is a fold that is put on a plate. Watching the video, you will see that this folding is not difficult, just a little detail.


As you can see in the pictures and video explanation, it takes a little more on the corners, in the latter part of the fold, you can give the flower a little difference. This will give a fairly flat flower or rather a flower bending in height. This folding can either be done with a hand towel with a paper towel.

Lotus flower

Paper towels are used to play with colors, making contrasts with the dishes, tablecloth, cutlery and glasses even if you have colored glasses. You can see the video explanations for folding in heart, bird of paradise and photos for folding in shape of Christmas tree.